NAYL has an option to loan 1st year players at the 1/2 & 3/4 levels full equipment.  At the 5/6 and 7/8 levels, limited equipment is available based on extenuating/hardship circumstances.  For loaned equipment, a check will be held as collateral and shredded or returned upon timely return of the equipment following the season. If equipment is not turned in, the check will be cashed with funds used to purchase replacement equipment.  

Link to USA Lacrosse Equipment Guide:


Boys lacrosse is played wearing the following protective gear:

  • Helmet
    • NAYL provides/offers all players at all levels a helmet. You are welcome to purchase your own.  From time to time, NAYL purchases helmets and offers the opportunity to our laxers to purchase their own at a discount and in the NAYL custom orange and black.  
    • A check will be collected & held at dispursement & returned or shredded upon timely return after the season. If not, the check will cashed and used towards purchasing a replacement.  
  • Shoulder/chest pads
    • NOCSAE ND200 certified shoulder/chest protection is required to play legally.  
  • Arm guards/elbow pads
    • Beginner pads are sufficient, but as your laxer grows it is recommended to purchase position specific pads.
      • Attack- Arm Guards
      • Midi - Arm Guards, Elbow pads
      • Defense - Elbow pads, Arm pads, Elbow cups
  • Gloves
  • Stick
    • Standard entry level sticks for new and younger players
    • Position specific sticks your laxer progresses such as "long pole" or "d-pole"
  • Athletic supporter
  • Mouth guard
    • A tethered guard is preferred as it can be attached to the helmet.  
  • Cleats
    • These can be lacrosse specific, but do not need to be.
    • Football & soccer cleats are allowable.
    • Baseball that are metal or have the large center cleat are NOT legal.  

If equipment is loaned, the laxer is still responsible to provide their own cleats, mouth guard and athletic supporter.  


Girls lacrosse is played with protective goggles and stick designed for the girls game. 

Cleats and mouth guard are required as well.