Hey there lax enthusiasts!


We’ve just wrapped up an awesome run of our 2023 Fall Intro Clinics, and let me tell you, it’s been a blast! Over 60 kids, from pre-K to 8th grade, dove headfirst into the world of lacrosse, and we’re here to spill the deets on all the excitement.

Getting the Basics Down:

We kicked things off by getting down and dirty with the basics—passing, catching, shooting, cradling, and scooping. These skills are like the ABCs of lacrosse, and our young guns were quick learners. It’s like they were born to cradle and scoop!

Shoutout to the Coaches:

Big love to our coaching crew! These folks not only know their stuff but also have this magical way of making lacrosse fun. Watching the kids grow over the two weeks was like witnessing a lacrosse metamorphosis. From rookies to mini pros, everyone was in on the action.

Seriously Impressive Stuff:

Let’s talk about the kids’ progress—mind-blowing! Starting from ground zero, they went from fumbling to slinging passes and scoring goals. The improvement was off the charts, and the smiles on their faces were proof that lacrosse is the real MVP.

Looking Forward to Spring:

As we wrap up the fall clinics, we’re already eyeing the spring season. Fingers crossed, we’ll see these rockstars back on the field, ready to take their skills to the next level. The hype is real, folks!

In a Nutshell:

Our 2023 Fall Lacrosse Intro Clinics were not just about lacrosse; they were about having a ton of fun, making friends, and discovering the awesome world of lax. Huge thanks to the kids, their families, and our amazing coaches for making these clinics a slam dunk. Get ready for an epic spring—it’s going to be off the chain!

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